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Textilux Awnings

Textilux is a company specialising in the manufacture and application of awnings – stor, shell, tunnel, cassette, horizontal, vertical, drop arms and extendable arms – tailored to the customer’s needs and in the colour they require.

This type of equipment is used in various spaces, including balconies, terraces, hotels, cafes, restaurants, shops and commerce in general, thus protecting people, storefronts and window frames from various climate aggressions.

Consult our extensive portfolio and ask for a specialist opinion on the awning models best suited to the respective locations. We offer a two-year warranty on aluminium profiles and a ten-year warranty on colour fastness in the acrylic fabric used.

Custom Awnings

Textilux produces tailor-made awnings for all types of outdoor spaces, private or public, residential or professional, guaranteeing maximum quality at the best price in all situations.

In this area, we manufacture several models, with lacquered aluminium structure and acrylic canvas cover, namely in the following formats: shell, europa, cassette, tunnel, horizontal, vertical, with extendable arms, drop arms and stor.

With our tailor-made awnings, protect your balconies, patios, terraces, windows and doors (of apartments, houses and shops) from the wind, rain and sun in a permanent way, and they can be collected whenever necessary without changing the aesthetics of the space.

Awnings Manufacture, Sale and Assembly

Textilux manufactures, sells and assembles awnings for all types of premises, including balconies, terraces, balconies, doors, windows, esplanades and shop windows, for homes and for commerce and catering/hotel work in general.

Choose the model that best suits your space and customize it in terms of lacquered aluminium profiles and acrylic canvas, two materials that can adopt the colour desired by the customer.

Whether in the manufacture, sale or assembly of awnings we guarantee quality and always perform a fast, efficient and competitive work.

For more information, contact our professionals with proven training and experience in the field.

Awnings Budgets

Our team, considered a reference in the area, makes budgets for awnings of various formats and sizes, presenting them quickly and with values that will surely surprise customers.

Consult our catalogues and, according to the spaces in question, with the technical help of our specialists in the field, choose the equipment that meets your real needs.

Choose a serious and credible company like ours and ask for an estimate for awnings (horizontal, vertical, shell, tunnel, cassette, extendable arm, drop arms or stor). Have at home or at work a resistant, durable and superior quality equipment.

Awnings Veranda

The Veranda awning is a system whose main function is to protect glass ceilings and skylights with elegance and personality.

However, this system can also be used in patios, pool areas, decks, restaurants and hotels.
This system not only offers sun protection but also thermal insulation. High quality and high performance has a few degrees of inclination that facilitate the drainage of water.
They consist of a lacquered aluminium structure and a cover that can be made of acrylic canvas or micro perforated canvas.

The main advantage of this equipment is that it can be manufactured in considerable dimensions (with a projection of, for example, six meters) and because of that it covers large areas, and its structure is also very attractive when it is closed.

Learn more about us and surprise yourself with our professionalism and rigor.

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